Call Block Settings

Revised 17 Dec 2018


Call Block Settings screen provides several ways and methods to stop spam and fraud calls. This all settings are unique to VBlocker app and we hope you may need something different and other settings for making this VBlocker Call Blocking more powerful. Please do send us your Valuable Suggestions.



O   Open App – Settings – Call -> Call Block Setting.

O   Open App – Blocker Tab – Grid Menu -> Call Block Setting.



Points and Features:

O   Block listed number - By using or checking this check box you can block all spam contact, numbers which are listed in Blocklist Tab.


O   Block unknown calls – Block all unknown calls and unknown means which are not saved in your phonebook or in contacts.


O   Block all calls – Block all incoming calls to your phone except Whitelist numbers, contacts listed in Whitelist Tab.


O   Block private calls – Block all private calls which are shows their identity as unknown, private, restricted and withheld. Please read in details at Private Call and SMS Blocking page.


O   Wild Card Blocking – You can block the calls and sms by using wild card series and words. You can add series to block calls/sms and words for blocking spam text messages. This is great feature to try but make sure it will block only those who need to block or might be your valuable sms or call will be block by this series or words which might match to your contact. For more details on how to use Wild Card Blocking please visit page Wildcard Blocking using Words and Series.


O   Auto Reply SMS – You can use and set it to send auto reply pre populated sms message to the blocked callers or sms sender. For more details please visit this page Auto Reply SMS Feature.


O   International Blocking – Block international calls and sms messages coming to your phone by using this feature. You need to choose the countries to block call and sms independently. This is great feature to have enabled it for your own app. This feature is locked and can be unlocked by upgrading your package to Premium Package for more protection and lot more.


O   Battery level Blocking – You can use this feature to block the calls and sms according to your battery level. Some time we out and phone battery is almost to die. But we want to have at least a call from your personals not from fraud callers and scams text messages. You can save this last time battery here for your best ones. You just need to set the minimum battery level and what to block all calls or All SMS or both. Please refer Battery Level Blocking for more details.


O   Caller ID – This is great and unique feature to VBlocker app. You can enable it to show the caller id especially to check and show if it is Spam Caller reported to Spam Community Database and you have not updated your local spam database. Please read it in more details Caller ID – Spam Identification page. We suggest you to keeping it ON for good.



O   VoiceMail Blocking – You can block the voicemail calls as well by using this feature. It will accept the call and hang up and restrict to enter in your Voicemail folder. Please note it is working well in some of lower version devices like below 4.4 or something. Some of users reported problems on this feature that it is not working for them. In Android Version 5.0 and higher the permission from Android Framework to accept incoming call is denied, no permission to accept call, and that’s why it is not working. In this case only call is hanged but cannot restrict to enter in VM folder. Please more detailed information about this on Voicemail Blocking page.


O   Ringer Silent Issue – Please use this feature only if you’re facing problems after using this app for your normal calls or phone Ringer Issue is silent or something about it. Please read more details at Ringer Silent Issue.


Please Note -- Make sure Whitelist call having high priority if it is listed and Whitelist Status Enabled, no method will block whitelisted numbers, contacts calls.







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