Caller ID Spam Identification

Revised 17 Dec 2018


It is a great feature to find the caller especially for spam report record against our Spam Community Database. We recommend keeping this feature ON always and know spam caller.



O Open App Settings Call -> Caller ID


O Open App Blocker Tab Grid Menu - Call Block Settings -> Caller ID


Points and Features:

O It shows you caller information when you get called in window pop up.


O Especially we trying to save your life from fraud callers and scams by searching the caller in our Spam Community Database


O Caller Id pop up shows the caller information if got from database.


O It will only show for the call which comes to your phone and not blocked with any settings you have set. Then it tries to check on live database for this caller


O Caller Id Pop up present more option like below:

O Call

O Send Text Message

O Report Spam

O Add to contacts

O View details

O Block If this caller identified as Spam with RED color pop up color


O It might load in background when your call comes, at the time of call no network is present to the apps to check on live database. Because of this pop up will be shown after your call done, so at least you come to know about it who called recently.




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