Contacts Tab

Revised 17 Dec 2018


Contacts tab shows you the list of phonebook contacts which are saved in your phonebook/contacts app. You can scroll the list through ABCD/index list view to direct your contact.



O Open App > Contact Tab


Points and Features:

O Left Color circle with first letter of the contact name will be shown and try to fetch the photo if saved. It will then show photo if exist to contact.


O Contact name and number will be shown.


O Tap on contact will let you see Contact Details Screen with more details and options.

O No contact deletion option provided.




O Search Search with name or number query in contact list. Contact list will be filtered according to search query entered.

O Add to Contact - It lands you on the phonebook/contacts app of your phone to add contact.

O All It shows default list, no filter

O Incoming Call Filter incoming calls only

O Outgoing Call Filter outgoing calls only

O Missed Call Filter missed calls only

O Grid Menu with below menu items-

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