User Professional Profile and Edit

Revised 26 September 2016


User Professional Profile and Edit options help you to become registered user for VBlocker application. By adding your phone number and other given information you will become STANDARD user. You can directly get your account details using Google+


O Open App Slider -> Edit Profile

Points and Features:

O Edit Profile You can edit your profile first name, last name, email, profile picture, country code and phone number. Country code or phone number change will require verification process.

O Choose Country There are almost all countries available in list. You need to select your country from this list.


O By entering mobile number in VBlocker User Verification Screen you can verify your

number then clicking on Next button you will get the pop up Confirmation window with

career charges info. After Successful registration you will generate OTP CODE via message.

entering the Code you will be the register user for VBlocker Application after saving all the

information. Please read more detailed on this at User Registration page.

O If you want to skip Verification process you can click on SKIP button from VBlocker User

verification Screen


O You can send us feedback by clicking Menu option which is present at the top bar of the OTP

Code window


O If you enter Wrong number Error pop-up window will generate.


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