Ensure Blocking Recreates Containers and Algorithms

Revised 17 Dec 2018


It is optional solution provided to you if you feel app is set all, and not blocking anything. We suggest you whenever you feel like this that app is not working and not blocking or stopped blocking automatically then please check your Blocker Service Status from Slider, Other Settings, Blocklist and etc. If this all sets and not working then you can use this option to start working again for hope. It will just recreate the containers where we have blocklist and all numbers you want to block and reset our algorithm.



O Open App Blocker Tab Grid Menu -> Ensure Blocking


Points and Features:

O It recreates the containers and algorithm.


O It does not reset your settings, blocklist, contacts, or anything else do not worry about it.


O You may try this option if you feel blocking is automatically shut down.


O You may try this regularly in 1 day or so for perfect blocking.




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