Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Revised 17 Dec 2018


Most of the doubts about app set up, blocklist, whitelist, call not blocking, sms not blocking and anything you may come across. And that is why we have FAQ page to list user doubts and answers/solutions from developer.

Below is the list of questions and answers:

1.  Can I set my choice tab from Recent, Contacts, Blocker, Whitelist, SMS or Search on app home screen launch?

ANS - YES. You can set it your choice default tab by using this steps Slider – Settings – Other Settings – Default Tab Option – Choose Tab.


2. Why app asks for setting it as Default sms app? What it is?

ANS - If your phone android version is 4.4 or higher then you need to set VBlocker as Default SMS Messaging app to get handle of SMS Messages. It is as per Android Framework 4.4 and higher version updates and only one application can handle the SMS Messages constraint. As per rule we have implemented the app to work text blocking for 4.4 and later phone users.

Please read out the article on this by Google.

So if your phone is comes in this case 4.4 and later version, it means you need to set app to Default SMS App for SMS blocking. Please read more details at Setting VBlocker as Default SMS App.








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