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Revised 17 Dec 2018


We always love and keep al feedback addressed from very first version of the app. We love your suggestions, feedback and issues reported. We are very serious about our app user’s feedback and help they needed in understand the app and make app useful to their daily life. We suggest send your feedback to us and get priority support on problems, suggestions implementations and your wishes. When you send your feedback we connect you with high priority to handshake with you.



O   Open App - Slider -> Feedback


O   Open App - Settings -> Feedback



Points and Features:

O   Your feedback, suggestions and problems is very important to us. Please do share from here.


O   It helps where the app is not working for you or not and provide good stats about the app.


O   It helps to enhance the services, features and product.


O   We should know if you liking the app or not if not please contact with feedback.


O   With Feedback we try to get your Device name, Android Version and App Version to know more about your requirement and easy to track the issue if you reported.



Please Support

You can always support to us with several ways which you can do in just couple of minutes from your schedule.


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O  Please review the app on Google Play with 5 stars


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