Notification Settings

Revised 17 Dec 2018


Notification settings for blocked call, blocked sms, spam blocking, and other. You can always update your settings as per your wish. By default, app generate the blocking notification but without Sound and Vibrate. It is silent notification. This notification settings only used for blocking notifications.


O Open App Settings -> Notifications


O Open App - Blocker Tab - Grid Menu -> Notifications


Points and Features:

O Notification Switch You can switch On/OFF the notification anytime by using this switch.


O Sound You can make it ON if you want to make a beep sound as per your selected/default notification tone.


O Notification Tone Select your wish tone from available or from phone default tones.


O Vibrate - It will vibrate your mobile whenever blocking notification generated.


O Confirmation Dialog App will ask you a confirmation dialog if you try to remove anything from the app. We suggest keeping this ON, because if data is delete will not be restored anyhow.


O Date Format You can set your preferred date format from listed date formats according to several countries formats. The contents in whole app then show with this date format.


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