Other Settings

Revised 17 Dec 2018


Other Settings Screen provides several other unique options to you. You can customize your app with the help of other settings option.


O   Open App –Slider – Settings –> Other Settings

O   Open App –Blocker Tab – Grid Menu–> Other Settings

Points and Features:


O   Default Tab – By using this option you can launch app with your choice default tab.


O   Floating Spam View – It Will Show or hide floating view which shows new spam identified and etc unread count. View more details at Floating Spam View.


O   Delete Logs – Automatically delete blocked call and sms log. The deleted data will never be restored again.  More details on this Delete Blocking History/Log Automatically page.


O   Show Splash – Show splash or not. Recommend to keep it ON. Check out more detailed about this on Show Splash Page


O   Status Icon – it will show or hide status bar icon. Status Icon will explain you in detail.

O   Google Analytic – Collect anonymous data usage which used to improve this app. More details at Google  Analytic  page.

O   SMS App Shortcut – Create Sms App shortcut icon on home screen to directly launch SMS tab for you.


O   Skins – It is most interesting feature added in the application you can change or customize

                   color of the application. Check more detail of  Awesome Skins .




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