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Revised 26 September 2016


App is developed for you, to save your life from fraud callers and scams. App is for your phone to enjoy your phone experience purely not by spam calls entries and text messages. Lots of unique features provided to use, no limit in blocking and all. It is almost a great FREE package for you to use and save your life from fraud activity.

We need your support for future development of this app and that is why the reason app having Premium Options. We hope you will get this premium option enabled for you to use and get more spam protection. By this means you can help us.



O Open App Slider Settings -> Premium Options


Points and Features:

O Remove Ads


O Password Protection


O Backup and Restore


O Schedule Blocking


O International Call and SMS Blocking


O Export History


O Auto Reply SMS


O Awesome Skins






Please Support with any way of your choice below:

We VBlocker believe that app is working well as expected and hoping for your support, if not please send your Feedback.


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O Please review the app on Google Play with 5 stars


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