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Revised 26 September 2016


VBlocker offers three distinct Premium Packages that are specialized in delivering better experiences to you through added advantages, enhanced features and higher level of performance. In fact it is provided to help us in maintaining and development of VBlocker App in future.



O Open App Blocker Tab Cart Menu -> Premium Purchases


O Open App Slider Settings Premium Options Cart Menu -> Premium Purchases




Points and Features:


O Upgrade to Standard Package will unlock below features:

O No Ads

O Password Protection

O Backup and Restore

O Auto Response

O Export History

O Awesome Skins


O Schedule Blocking Package Unlock the schedule blocking feature


O International Blocking Unlock the international call and sms blocking feature


O BE A PREMIUM USER We suggest you go with Premium User Package with all other packages features included and get PREMIUM badge on your profile.


O If you purchase any package then you will see PURCHASED button on the respective package.


O If you had purchase any package and if it not unlock the options after Google Play process then you can contact us or wait for some time. Sometime Google Play takes some time to validate your payment and enable it in your Google account, and that can be reason we did not received in app. Try opening the app in sometime and make sure you have logged in with your Google account and network connected.

O Any problems in purchases, try restart app with good internet connection.


O The purchases you taken is for lifetime, linked to your Google account.

O Any problem then you can send your Feedback to us and we will help you on high priority.







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