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Revised 17 Dec 2018


Recent name explain itself what it is and it got first position in Home screen tabs. As name suggests it shows list of recent call logs fetched from native call app database.  It is having great design of list items and beautiful dialer to make calls.


O   Open App –> Recent Tab


Points and Features:

O   Unknown shown if caller is not from phonebook contacts.


O   It shows caller name, number, timestamp in AM/PM format, indicate missed call (Red down arrow), outgoing call (green up arrow) or incoming call (Blue down arrow) by using different color arrows.


O   Left circle view shows profile picture of contact if present or first character of the name/number.


O   Tap on this listing item will initiate the call to the tapped item number.


O   Grid icon for more option dialog like below:

O   Add to blocklist  or Remove from blocklist

O   Add to Whitelist or Remove from whitelist

O   Report Spam (Report this number as SPAM to VBlocker Spam Community)

O   Call

O   Send text message

O   Add to contacts


O   An info icon at right side of the recent listing, on tap it shows the details screen with history of this number for calls. This screen is known as Recent Call Detail Screen.


O   Favorite icon (star icon at bottom left side) will let you see your favorite contacts. This screen is known as Favorite Contacts Screen.


O   Add to contacts icon (User+ icon at bottom right side) will let you add number in contacts/phonebook. This screen is known as Native Phonebook app.


O   Dialer icon will let you dial/enter number to store or to make a call from your native call screen.

O   No Speed Dial or Voicemail support on this dialer buttons.




O   Search – Search with name or number query in recent log list. Recent list will be filtered according to search query entered.

O   Sort Filter with below menu items-

                O   All – It shows default list, no filter

                O   Incoming Call – Filter incoming calls only

                O   Outgoing Call – Filter outgoing calls only

                O   Missed Call – Filter missed calls only

O   Grid Menu with below menu items-

                O   Feedback – What do you think about app? Please send your valuable Feedback

                O   Rate App – App is free, please do support and Rate App

                O   Like App – Do you like this app? Please Like us on Facebook

                O   Our Apps – Your can use our other apps for free

                O   What’s New – Check app version history and updates



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