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Revised 17 Dec 2018


Report spam is a new feature we have added in version 2.0.6 i.e, Spam Update version. You can now report identified spam numbers to our Spam Community Database. Report spam gives you more Spam Protection against fraud and unwanted people by contributing in reporting spam process to make Spam Community Database strong. You can add a number in the Spam Blocker with the help of report spam option. You just need to fill information in the Report Spam Window and you devices will be Spam free. Please do send Your Blocklist as Spam.


O Open App Blocker Tab -> Report Spam

Open App Blocker Tab - Blocklist Option -> Report Spam Menu


Points and Features:

O Report spams and gets more protection from our Spam Community Database

O Read more details on Spam Community Blocking, which is most interesting part of this app


O In Spammer name section you can add spammer name.


O You can also choose spam Category with the help of spam option.


O Choose option from Spam number gives you option to add spam number from Call logs,

Contact and Sms logs


O If you want to describe the Spam then you can enter the message about the Spammer in

Message section.


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