Ringer Silent Issue

Revised 17 Dec 2018


This is the optional feature to the users who having problem with the phone ringing for normal calls. The phone goes in silent mode automatically by using this app. If you are facing problem with the Ringer Silent in your phone calls after using app then it is for you.



O   Open App – Slider – Settings – Call -> Ringer Silent Issue


O   Open App – Blocker Tab –Grid Menu – Call Block Setting -> Ringer Silent Issue



Points and Features:

O   We have implemented different ways to fix this issue, and the modes are listed to choose.


O   Default is a mode on which very less users having issue with it.


O   If you have any problem with Default mode then please changes it to next mode, save setting and tries restarting your phone. Then after boot you can check if your normal call comes with your phone settings ringer or not.


O   The steps after choose the new method:

O   Restart Phone

O   Check making normal call to your phone just to check and see if you are getting ringer as per your phone settings

O   Check making a number/call to block

O   Again check making normal call to check if ringer is working well

O   If method is worked then keep the same method for your phone which you saved earlier


O   If any method not set then please contact us with your observation with these methods.



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