Blocked SMS History Tab

Revised 26 September 2016


SMS tab shows the blocking history of sms blocked by app.



O Open App Blocker Tab Blocklist Option > SMS Tab


Points and Features:

O List shows the blocked sms.


O Each list item is for each sms block with name, number, date and time and block reason.


O Sms Tab show the unread count of blocked sms in top right corner.


O Unread entry highlighted in light grey color and read entry separates itself via white color.


O Tap on unread item will make it read and open slide view with Call, Send SMS, Move to Inbox, View sms message and Remove from history.


O Entry might show the badge of blocked reason, means by which reason or settings this sms is blocked. There are reasons like Spam, International, Schedule, Battery, Series and Word. If no it means it is because in the blocklist.


O Export History You can export this blocking history in notepad format. As we are providing lots of unique features free to user, Export History feature is locked and can be unlocked by upgrading to premium package. Please check Premium Purchases for packages and support development of app.


O Clear History It will clear the history and removes from local database. It asks confirmation Dialog prior to confirm for deletion. You can update these settings from Notification Settings. The deletion will never be restored.






O Cart Cart to show your premium purchases and enables you to upgrade to required package for Spam Free Phone Experience as well as saves you from fraud callers and scams. It supports app development. Check Premium Purchases Page for details.

O Report Spam It provided the way to report your blocklist as Spammers and help in making strong Spam Community Database. It will save others life too from fraud and scams


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