Setting VBlocker as Default SMS App

Revised 26 September 2016


Did you have question about why VBlocker asking to Set VBlocker as Default SMS App? Read this answer, if your phone android version is 4.4 or higher then you need to set VBlocker as Default SMS Messaging app to get handle of SMS Messages. It is as per Android Framework 4.4 and higher version updates and only one application can handle the SMS Messages constraint. As per rule we have implemented the app to work text blocking for 4.4 and later phone users.

Please read out the article on this by Google.

So if your phone is comes in this case 4.4 and later version, it means you need to set app to Default SMS App for SMS blocking.



O First Time Install After registration flow or skin Home screen asks a dialog to set it as Default to work SMS Blocking Tap YES Confirm YES You set VBlocker to default and you will send and receive SMS from VBlocker only.

O Open App Blocker Tab SMS Blocker Make Switch ON Confirm YES to set default.


O If you want to use Native Messaging app as your default then you can check this settings in your Native Phone Settings app. Different version having different path to this settings.

EX 1: Phone Home App Tray Icon Settings Apps Menu Icon Advanced Advanced Section Default Apps > SMS App

EX 2:
Phone Home App Tray Icon Settings More Default SMS App > SMS App



Points and Features:

O This is all about SMS Blocking support on Android 4.4 and later version only otherwise it will not ask anything and nothing special needed.


O You will send and receive your normal sms in this app only after set it as Default.




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