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Revised 17 Dec 2018


Search is a great feature and unique to the VBlocker app. It provides you the ways to search information about number, name. It searches local database like contacts, recent calls, whitelist, blocklist and spam database and on Live Spam Community Database which is most important. You can check any number if it is reported as spam in our Spam Database. It will give you all information about it if present.



O   Open App -> Search Tab


Points and Features:

O   Search Result – After search made, it will show the matches if made with recent, contact, blocklist, spam and live spam server.


O   It shows the badge of search result type.


O   it provides all details about the searched number are present in which section of the application. It helps you to guide and locate.


O   It shows the unread count for each type as well


O   Especially it will show the spam status of this number of present in our live Spam Community Database with detailed information about this spam.




O   Filter Menu– Menu to filter your search result with sub menu items below-

                O   All – No filter, it show all result.

                O   Recent – Show only Recent type result

                O   Contact – Filter Contact types only

                O   Whitelist– Whitelist filter only

                O   Blocklist – Filter Blocklist type

                O   Spam – Spam types will be filtered

                O   New spam – New identified spam on live Spam Community Database.





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