Beautiful Slider

Revised 17 Dec 2018

Slider is great and beautiful UI part of the app. It holds most important part of the app that is VBlocker Blocking Service with other options which can be easily accessible to you.



O Open App Tap on three horizontal line icon -> Slider

Points and Features:

O We placed most useful and important options on Slider Window.


O Edit Profile If you are not registered user then you can see the Guest name at the bottom of profile image. You can register by submitting all you information via Edit profile. After registration you can see your name and profile picture on Slider. Read more details at User Profile and Edit Profile page.

O User Badge Badge shows you and your type of user. There are 3 types of VBlocker user can be made as below:

O FREE Free user also knows as Guest User

O STANDARD You will get badge of STANDARD User when you officially registered with email. To get standard badge edit your profile and submit your email.

O PREMIUM This is provided by VBlocker when you upgraded to Premium User Package or Upgrade to Standard package + Schedule Blocking Package + International Blocking Package. You can upgrade your profile by editing it and Premium Purchases.



O Blocker Service Blocker service is heart of the Application Without it blocking will not work. It controls all the System blocking. Read Blocker Service details.


O More It will provide you more information about the App. Slider More Option


O Settings - Settings is main part of the application you get all the information and option

from here. Settings Page details.


O Premium By Clicking on this option you get all the premium packages related information

Here Premium Purchases


O Updates Updates provide you all the information about the latest update here. Usage of Updates


O Feedback- it is most important part for us. You can send your feedback by clicking on this

option. Send your Feedback and do support.

O At last we kept a Social media option for you to like us on Facebook and Share on Google+.


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