Revised 17 Dec 2018


SMS tab shows the list of sms messages fetch from your inbox/native sms messaging app. SMS Tab shows count in header which means the total of unread text message you have to take action.

Please Note If your phone android version is 4.4 or higher then you need to set VBlocker as Default SMS Messaging app to get handle of SMS Messages. It is as per Android Framework 4.4 and higher version updates and only one application can handle the SMS Messages constraint. As per rule we have implemented the app to work text blocking for 4.4 and later phone users.

Please read out the article on this by Google.

So if your phone is comes in this case 4.4 and later version, it means you need to set app to Default SMS App for SMS blocking. You can get help and read about it in detail in Setting VBlocker as Default SMS App.

Sorry to say but need to let you know the app is not yet supported to handle MMS Messages. So if you set this app as default you will not send and receive MMS messages.



O Open App > SMS Tab


Points and Features:

O Each entry shown in the list is a thread of messages in a single item.


O Profile Picture shows the sms sender photo if it is your contact.


O Left circle view shows profile picture of contact if present or first character of the name/number.


O Entry shows name of sms sender, number and 2 lines truncated text message with thread message count and timestamp of last message.


O Unread entry highlighted in light grey color and read entry separates itself via white color.


O Tapping on entry will open detail view screen known as SMS Details Screen.

O Long Tap on item will show a dialog with more options like Reply, Call, Add to contacts, View Thread, Delete Thread, Add to Blocklist and take the actions respectively. (This is only for Android 4.4 and higher version)





O Compose You can send message or compose new message


Below Menus Shown only to Android Version 4.4 and higher phones:

O Settings Settings to enable notifications on receive sms, sound, vibrate etc

O Overflow Menu Menu with sub menu item Mark As Read to mark all unread conversation to read state and Delete All Threads to delete all thread of message. It will always ask you for your confirmation on delete. No settings for this for not to confirm and directly delete.





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