Spam Community Blocking – Automatically Block Common Spammers

Revised 26 September 2016


Great and new feature added in version 2.0.6 i.e, Spam Update Version. It helps you lot in blocking spam callers, fraud callers, and scams text messages automatically. These spammers are identified and reported to Spam Community Database by other app users.



O   Open App – Blocker Tab – Spam Blocker -> Spam Community Blocking


Points and Features:

O   Spam protection level is increased in this version.


O   You need to keep Spam Blocker Switch ON always to get more protection from these identified spammers.


O   Spam Blocker Option in Blocker Tab shows you count of new identified spammers to take update of your database for protection.


O   Keep updated your local database of spam from this screen by tapping Update Now or Check for Updates.


O   Grid icon for more option dialog like below:

O   Add to blocklist  or Remove from blocklist

O   Add to Whitelist or Remove from whitelist

O   Report Spam (Report this number as SPAM to VBlocker Spam Community)

O   Call

O   Send text message

O   Add to contacts


O   Spam List – Option to see the spammer’s numbers and their names reported by others and you. You can remove spammer from your database locally so it will not be blocked for you. You can search any number or name in this list. You can restore all removed spam number for your personal via Restore icon. Tapping on spam number item will show history of this spammer.




O   Report Spam – You can contribute to make Spam Community Database strong by Reporting Spam when you identify. Even we have provided support to report your blocklist as Spam in once. Check Blocklist Tab and Report Spam.



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