App Updates

Revised 17 Dec 2018


Update your app version to latest whenever update is available. It will have new features, bugs fixes, and many more for you only. We request you to keep updated with latest version whenever available.



O   Open App – Slider-> Updates


Points and Features:

O   Keep latest updated app installed always.


O   You will get update notification from us whenever new update available in market.


O   Before update makes sure you take Backup of app contents like Blocklist, settings, etc


O   If your Google Play Account Settings is ON/Enable to update the apps to latest automatically then you will get automatic update.


O   After update done, please make sure you check What’s New section of the app for what is new in this version to make sure it is working with you.


O   If any problem occur while updating or after update, please do not forget to contact us directly for high priority support.



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