User Registration to get STANDARD/PREMIUM User Badge

Revised 08 October 2016


User registration to VBlocker is a great idea to have more spam protection, looks professional, get Standard and Premium badge on your profile and many more.



O   First Time Install – Open App -> VBlocker User Registration

Open App – Slider – Edit Profile -> VBlocker User Profile 



Points and Features:

O   You need to choose your country.


O   Enter your mobile number without country code.


O   Tap on NEXT button for verification process


O   It asks a confirmation dialog with up front message to you about the career charges, phone number check and then go ahead. It is self verification process and app will send sms message to your entered phone number and you will receive it for go ahead.


O   Wait for sms to your entered phone, and once got sms verification message it shows you on the same screen once receives. Enter your verification code and NEXT. This sms send and receive may fail and then you need to check why this is failing reasons might be empty balance, no career card inserted and anything of this sort. You still always skip this flow and use the app.


O   If this process goes success then you welcome to the app and ask to enter your First name, last Name and email with your profile picture. Once you done it you will be a STANDARD user of VBlocker and you get a Standard Badge icon on your profile.

O   SMS sending or receiving might be failed, if you didn’t get verification sms messages in short time, it means there is problem in sending or receiving. There can be several reasons for this failure like no balance in your phone to send or receive sms as per your career, default SIM settings, or generic error which normally we get from career network. If you seen this issues then you can try checking your default SIM in Phone Settings, Restart the phone or you can directly contact us with the detailed behavior of this problem.


O   You can always add/edit your profile from Edit Profile Page.




O   Feedback – You can send feedback on this if you have any problem using this feature.

O   How to use – Shows the tutorial of how to use the app



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