Voicemail Blocking

Revised 26 September 2016


VoiceMail Blocking is a feature to block VoiceMail calls. It accepts the call and hangs up and restrict to enter in your Voicemail folder. Please note it is working well in some of lower version devices like below 4.4 or something. Some of users reported problems on this feature that it is not working for them. In Android Version 5.0 and higher the permission from Android Framework to accept incoming call is denied, no permission to accept call, and that’s why it is not working. In this case only call is hanged but cannot restrict to enter in VM folder.


O   Open App – Settings – Call - Call Block Setting -> VoiceMail Blocking.

O   Open App – Blocker Tab – Grid Menu - Call Block Setting -> VoiceMail Blocking.


Points and Features:

O   It works well in some of lower end devices as per user’s confirmation.


O   It is not working in higher devices like 5.0 and later versions because of deny of Call Accept permission by Android.


O   We are working and this feature is in experiment, you can give a try and confirm us for fining best solution.


O   It accepts the call and for instance you might see calling screen and the hang up to work perfectly.


O   It might charge you as per your career network as app is accepting the call.


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