Whitelist Tab

Revised 17 Dec 2018


Whitelist means the WHITE contacts list, which will be allowed to call you. It will never be blocked by app in any case. High priority is given to Whitelist contacts. So list contacts which are personals to you, your family contacts and your friends.


O Open App -> Whitelist Tab


Points and Features:

O It is most important feature for do not block contact in any case in blocking apps.


O You can add contacts from several options in whitelist by using Add Contacts in Whitelist or Blocklist Options page


O You can enable the Whitelist Status ON/OFF without removing the contacts each time. Make sure to have Whitelist Status On for do not block.


O The list item of whitelist contact having option like Call, SMS and Remove and takes action accordingly and can be access via tapping on Overflow icon (3 vertical dots).


O Tapping on list item will show your history of this contact in detail.




O Search Search with name or number query in Whitelist. Whitelist will be filtered according to search query entered.

O Add with below menu items and you can read this in details using Add Contacts in Whitelist or Blocklist Options page.

O Remove all - You can remove all white list contact by clicking on Remove all option.

O Sort a-z/z-a - You can sort data alphabetically by clicking on this option.


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