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Revised 17 Dec 2018


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Well, now you can easily learn about VBlocker app functions and its working. It is really very easy to set up VBlocker app to stop spam calls and block text messages.

You can view the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page to see if your question is common and already asked by other users. Here in FAQ, we list the user questions and answers by our development team regularly – Visit Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Below are the list of features and pages you might need to read once to set up blocking, enjoy your phone experience and spammer free life:


O  What is Recent Tab?


O  What is Contacts Tab?


O  What is Blocker Tab?


O  What is Whitelist Tab?


O  What is SMS Tab?


O  Setting VBlocker as Default SMS App – Mandatory for SMS Blocking (Android Version 4.4 and later)


O  What is Search Tab?


O  About Slider


O  VBlocker User Registration


O  User Profile and Edit Profile


O  Blocker Service


O  Settings


O  Premium Purchases


O  Feedback


O  Updates


O  Call Block Settings


O  SMS Block Settings


O  Spam Community Blocking


O  Report Spam – Get More Spam Protection


O  International Call and SMS Blocking


O  Battery Level Blocking


O  VoiceMail Blocking


O  Wildcard Blocking using Words and Series


O  Private Call and SMS Blocking


O  Schedule Blocking


O  Blocklist Tab – List of spam contacts and sms sender


O  Blocked Calls History Tab


O  Blocked SMS History Tab


O  Add Contacts in Blocklist/Whitelist Options


O  Password Protection


O  Backup and Restore


O  Auto Reply SMS Feature


O  Export History


O  Ensure Blocking Option – It recreate the containers and algorithm to ensure the blocking works well


O  View Blocking Stats


O  Caller ID – Spam Identification


O  Ringer Silent Issue


O  Premium Options


O  Notifications Settings


O  Other Settings


O  Choose Default Tab


O  Delete Blocking History/Log Automatically


O  Show Splash


O  Status Icon – Notification Bar App Icon (Service Running)


O  Google Analytic – Helps in analysis and improve the app


O  Awesome Skins – Choose the color of the day for your app


O  Floating Spam View


O  What’s New – App Versions History


O  Slider More Option – Support and Help us in VBlocker Development


O  About VBlocker Developer


O  Your Suggestions – We love suggestions and always welcomes you

O  Terms of Service

Privacy Policy






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