What is advertising?

Advertising! any business, company, firm in the world cannot fulfill their objectives or cannot get to their goals unless public knows about them. It is not like that you can go to everybody and tell about you and your company. You have to make it large. The best way to do this is advertise yourself that can be through any medium suitable to you.

Advertisement is basically defined as the action done to get public’s attention. Toward something you want to make them focus.

Advertisement can also be defined as the form of marketing communication used to make the public to some decision for the offerings that might be commercials, political or ideological support.

There are many ways to reach audience or to get connected with them like newspaper, magazines, television, radio etc. These are the old technology still used with full potential and are the most used technologies. All round the world by almost every company or firm as to reach the large bunch of people. Now with changing time technologies have also got advanced and internet has also became one of the best modern way of advertisement for companies with the help of internet .You can directly mail customer, text, use of social media sites have made this process even more easier and quicker.

In today’s era any medium can be adopted for advertising. For commercial advertisement. We can go for wall painting, street furniture component, rack cards, flyers, web banners, web pop ups, sponsoring shows, matches, games and many more where ever public get in touch with, any place, any area where people just can have an eye. Some of the most common ways of getting popular among the lot are Television advisement. As per the surveys this medium is still the most wanted source of advertising yourself. Almost the whole world is some way or the other connected with this source. That’s the reason that makes this medium the most liked all round the business or the political world.

Radio advertising:

Therefore this is the way of transferring your information to the public through just audio. This is ore older form used than television and is still working. The popularity of using this as a medium to get famous has gone down in past few years

Online advertisement:

This is one of the new era technique using internet and World Wide Web. This is most developing technology all-round the globe and gaining the popularity as one of the best and the quickest form of getting renowned over the large area. The social networking sites have add up to its quality and made it really easy for the companies to adopt this as a medium.

Therefore rest ways like street advertisement. celebrity branding, and customer generated advertisement, aerial advertisement, sheltered advertisement. In-store advertising, billboard advertisement, press advertising, mobile billboard advertising etc.

Hence these are the ways one can always go for promotion of your company or anything .Which you want to bring in public’s attention.