WhatsApp Tips for iPhone

Whats App Tips for iPhone

Whatsapp is the cross platform messaging app. It is one of the hottest mobile phone messaging application. WhatsApp is facing fierce rivalry. But due to its several amazing features WhatsApp always make sure that users have secure, reliable and realistic messaging expertise. Its popularity is growing and it is widely used messaging application worldwide. WhatsApp can be used on all major mobile operating systems. WhatsApp is quite a unique program and the basic reason for its growing popularity is that it is designed in a simple way. It delivers messages very fast and it is mostly ad free. Also WhatsApp is evenly popular among iPhone users; iPhone users must learn and know some cool and awesome tips and tricks about iPhone Whatsapp to enjoy it and use it with more comfort and ease.

     Here are some important tips about Whats App for iPhone users:
  • There is a feature on WhatsApp which allows other users to know about when you last used Whatsapp. It is ‘’Last Seen’’. If you’re an IOS user, then you’re in luck, because you will only need to follow the following steps:
  • Settings
  • Chat Settings
  • Advanced and set Last Seen Time stamp to Off.
      And now other user will not know about when you last used WhatsApp.
  • If the iOS users want to manually create backup and restore all the chats just go to the Settings and tap on Chat Settings, then go to Chat Backup and then tap on Backup Now and it will be done.
  • If the users want speedy communication they must create shortcuts of their favorite and important contacts or groups on the home screen. The iPhone users will have to rely on a Whatsapp third party application known as iTapWA to create the shortcuts. This app has some additional features as well.
  • It is easy to access your pictures and images if these are in the Gallery or camera roll, which is very annoying. If you want to keep the images private and do not want these to appear in the gallery then all you need to do is to go in the Settings and then in Privacy and then tap the Photos and after that turn the WhatsApp switch off.