Whatsapp Tips and Tricks for BlackBerry

Whatsapp Tips and Tricks for BlackBerry

Whatsapp is a top provider of free instant messaging services across the globe . It boasts a user base of more than 700 million people across the globe. With such a large user base in addition to a sign up rate of about 1 million people per day.

This application is destined for greatness. One main reason of its popularity is due to the fact that it can work with variety of devices and operating systems. It can be downloaded on BlackBerry phones without any compatibility issues. In this post you can learn some smart tips about Whatsapp about BlackBerry. So that you can enjoy exceptional messaging services on you BlackBerry mobile phones.

     Whatsapp tips for BlackBerry:

  • The BlackBerry users can customize the lock screen for Whatsapp. Can also give it a complete new and different look from the default appearance. If you want to add new icons to the screen go to Settings and then to the Lock screen option and from there select Shortcut. After that, select the Chat icon and the shortcut of Whatsapp will be there on the home screen.
  • The latest version of Whatsapp for BlackBerry devices allows users to share their location with other users of the app. Whatsapp being a phone-based application makes it possible to access the GPS of the phone, thus, it can easily transmit your location.
  • To do so, and select the Pin icon that is at the upper left corner of your Whatsapp window and then you will be able to see a location sharing option. Upon selecting your place of location, the details will appear in your conversations and in the process notifying your chat mates of your whereabouts.
  • There is a feature on Whatsapp which allows other users to know about when you last used Whatsapp. It is called ‘’Last Seen’’. If you want to disable this feature so that other users cannot know about when you last used Whatsapp. Just go to the Settings and there will be the option of Hide your last seen status. Tick it and your status will not be shown.
  • The BlackBerry can choose the people who see their profile picture on Whatsapp. To do this, go to the Whatsapp Privacy settings and select “Profile photo.” Go ahead and select either “My contacts” or “Nobody” as the options of those who can view your profile picture.

Above are the Whatsapp tips and tricks for BlackBerry users that user must know.