18 Secret Whatsapp Tips

18 Secret Whatsapp Tips

Whatsapp is of one the leading chatting messenger of the world, due to its increased popularity Facebook bought Whatsapp setup for $19 billion. Whatsapp and millions of users because of its user friendly messaging interface. Most of the people are well-known about the Whatsapp usage. But most of the people don’t know about the secret tips of Whatsapp. Here you will be guided step by step about the general to the best and secret tips of Whatsapp.

  1. Hide Whatsapp Last Seen option:

Last seen notification option is one of the most popular features of the Whatsapp. With this feature user can easily trace the other user’s last time online status on the Whatsapp. So if you want to have information about the user is online or last time the user appeared online then you just need to tap on the user chat and the notification of user status will be shown on the taskbar. Same is the case for you people can also watch your Whatsapp online status. The trick here is that you can disable last online status on Whatsapp by following the simple steps:

  • Tap “Settings” option in Whatsapp.
  • Click “Account”.
  • Tap “Privacy”.
  • Tap “Last Seen”.

In this section you will have three options, Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. Tap on Nobody and the last seen notification will be disable for your profile. The only disadvantage of this setting is that you will also be unable to watch the last seen notification of other users.     

  1. Whatsapp Password lock trick:

It’s obvious that people want to secure the chat from other people, as almost every person has personal messages chats record in its chat box. Here you will be guided about the best Whatsapp trick that will secure and keep secret all your Whatsapp messages. The trick is to insert a password lock on Whatsapp, keep in mind that there is no direct way to insert a password in the Whatsapp settings. Below are the steps through which you can easily insert a password lock on Whatsapp account and secure all your chat data from other users.

  • Open Play Store in Android devices or App Store in iOS devices.
  • Write in Search bar Whatsapp Lock.
  • Download the application, it will be installed automatically.
  • Run the application and insert the password on the Whatsapp.

Through Whatsapp lock application you can easily secure your all data.

  1. Send files of different files through Whatsapp:

In Whatsapp application you can send the files only of pictures, audio and video format. Whatsapp application does not support other format files to be sent through this medium. Now, here is a trick through which you can easily send files of all format files through Whatsapp. Download and install the application Whats Packed 2 ads on your device. Run the application and enjoy the file sharing of all types on Whatsapp. You can send PDF, ZIP, doc or any other format of file through Whatsapp.

  1. Extend Whatsapp trial period for Free:

As all Whatsapp people users know about the Whatsapp trial period. Whatsapp offers to use the Whatsapp account for only one year on trail basis, after the trail period user needs to pay $1 every year. Here we will let you know about the cool and simple trick to use Whatsapp account for one more year for free. You might be thinking how to activate Whatsapp account for free after one year? The trick is simple, before completing the trail period of one year of your Whatsapp account, delete your Whatsapp account permanently. This trick will erase all your previous data from the Whatsapp directory and you can again configure your SIM number on Whatsapp and you can enjoy the Whatsapp one year trail period for one more year. Isn’t it a simple trick?

  1. Recover Whatsapp deleted chat:

Some time people delete the chat conversation from their Whatsapp account accidently or willingly. If you have deleted your conversation and wants to restore the deleted Whatsapp chat conversation then here is the best trick to restore the conversation. The trick is simple just uninstall the Whatsapp application from your device and reinstall the Whatsapp application on your device. During the installation process the Whatsapp application will ask you to restore the previous conversation option, just check that setting and your conversation will be restored on the device.

  1. Download Whatsapp on your PC or Laptop:

Since, there isn’t any direct application of Whatsapp to be downloaded and installed on the Laptop or PC. But here we will let you know about the simple and best trick to run Whatsapp application on the laptop or PC. The trick is to convert your Windows platform to the Android platform by installing the software to the laptop or PC named “Bluestacks”. This software acts as Android platform and has a Play Store in it, you just need to visit the play store and install the Whatsapp in the Bluestacks. You can use the Whatsapp software as that of your Android device. The trick is same for both Windows and iOS operating systems.

  1. Whatsapp favorite or most used contact’s Shortcut:

If you want to create a shortcut of your most used or favorite contacts, then here is a trick that will create shortcut of Whatsapp contact on the Android device desktop. The trick is to long tap on the favorite contact for which you want to create the shortcut; an option box will appear with different options. Select the “Add Conversation Shortcut”, a shortcut will appear on the desktop of the Android device. This trick is also applicable for creating the shortcut of the group conversation in Android.

For iOS users this trick will not work to add shortcut of Whatsapp contacts to the desktop. To have shortcut in iOS you need to install third party software that is iTapWA to the Apple device. iTapWA has also some more features in it like photo editing, user can also avail the facility of these services for free.

  1. Stop Auto Download of pictures, audio and video in Whatsapp:

Hence as Whatsapp application downloads the received pictures, audio and videos automatically according to the built in settings. There are some images, pictures and videos that a user doesn’t want to download. Here you will be guided to stop the Whatsapp auto download of pictures, audio and videos. To disable the Whatsapp auto download feature, follow the following steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on chat settings.
  • Tap on Media auto-download option
  • In the option set the status of all option to “NO Media”.

You are done, now the auto download feature is disabled and you can manually download the required pictures, audio and video files.


  1. Hide Whatsapp sent images:

Here is a best trick to hide your Whatsapp sent images to the other users. The trick is the sent images will be hidden in other image, means the sent image display will be changes with the other image and the actual sent image will be hidden in the other image. To carry out this trick you need to install the third party software, for Android users, they need to install Magiapp tricks app and for iPhone users they need to install the Fhumb App to their devices. The function of both the apps are same, just they work on different operating system.

The sent image will be replaced by the other image and when the Whatsapp image receiver tap on the image to watch, the receiver will view the original sent image. This trick work only for the Android and Apple users, unfortunately there is no third party software for blackberry or Windows phone to support this feature.

  1. Data usage of Whatsapp statistics:

If you are curious to know about the time you have spent while using the Whatsapp messenger then the trick is also available for this feature. You can easily track the information about the number of sent messages, number of received messages, media bytes sent, media bytes received. To track the data usage on Whatsapp just follows the following steps and the data will be in front of you.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Account
  • Tap on Network Usage

Here you go all the details on your screen.

  1. Hide Whatsapp Profile Picture:

The most common search term search for Whatsapp in the search engines is to hide Whatsapp profile picture from other users. The feature of Whatsapp hide picture is only available in the latest version of the Whatsapp, if you are using the latest version then follows the steps below, else install the latest version of Whatsapp. The steps involved to hide the Whatsapp profile picture are as follow:

Go to Settings.

  • Tap on Account Privacy.
  • Tap on Profile picture.
  • Select the desired option Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.

Here you are done your profile picture is hidden according to your selection.

  1. Remove Whatsapp Album from the Android Photo Gallery:

The images you received from the other users on Whatsapp appear in the Android Photo Gallery with the name Whatsapp images. Sometimes Whatsapp users receives private images from other users and don’t want anyone to watch those images. If you don’t want Whatsapp images folder in the Android Gallery then here is a trick to remove or disable it. The trick for disabling the Whatsapp folder in the gallery is different for the Android and the iOS operating system.

For iOS users follow the following steps to hide the Whatsapp images folder in the gallery of iOS:

  • Go to Settings of iOS device.
  • Tap on Privacy.
  • Tap on Photos.
  • Uncheck the Whatsapp.

Here you are done, for Android users you need to do a lengthy process. Install third party software named Es File Explorer to your android device. This application is used to browse the folders in your Android device, acts same as that of the File Manager. Browse the Whatsapp images folder through this application and create a new file with the extension .no media. To create a new file in the folder, follow the following steps:

Go to Whatsapp images folder.

Tap on the “New” button on the lower left of the screen.

Tap on file from the options

Write “.nomedia” and press Ok

You are done, just visit the Android Gallery and search for the Whatsapp images folder, it will be vanished from the gallery.

  1. Whatsapp fake conversation:

The best Whatsapp prank trick is to create a fake conversation of Whatsapp. Yes it is possible to create a fake Whatsapp conversation to make a healthy prank with your friends. To make a fake conversation you need to install third party application names Whatsaid App. Install the application to your device and create your own fake conversation with any contact and make a prank with your friends.

  1. Trick to send video on Whatsapp more than 16MB:

Since everyone knows that by default Whatsapp does not allow sending a file more than 16MB. You can send the files on Whatsapp less than or equal to 16MB on Whatsapp. As the audio and images have generally less size and can be sent easily on Whatsapp but when it comes to send a video on Whatsapp with size larger than 16MB then here you need to follow the trick. Here you need to again install third party software named Video Converter Android.

By using this application you need to first compress the size of your video. Although you will lose a little quality of your video but the size will be reduced. Now you can easily share the video with your friends on Whatsapp.

  1. Install Whatsapp on device without SIM card:

Its general and everyone know that while the installation of Whatsapp on device it asks for SIM number to run. The account is registered according to the SIM number, without SIM number you can’t run the Whatsapp on your device. So, here is a trick to run the Whatsapp without SIM card on your device, but remember you need to have a running SIM on other cell phone in order to register your account on Whatsapp. The trick is to install the Whatsapp on your device and run the application. The application will ask for your number, just insert your number in it that is running on the other mobile. Wait for the confirmation SMS from Whatsapp for maximum 5 minutes. Within five minutes you will receive the confirmation SMS and you need to insert it in the Whatsapp confirmation BOX.

Here you go done, enjoy your Whatsapp on your SIM Less device. You can also run your Whatsapp on PC or Laptop in the same manner.

  1. Transfer Whatsapp conversation from one device to another:

If you want to change your device and want to move Whatsapp conversation from one device to another then it has a trick too. You just need to follow the steps below and your Whatsapp conversation will be transferred from one device to another.

  • Install Whatsapp on the new device
  • Connect your old phone to the PC or Laptop.
  • Select the storage device having Whatsapp folder.
  • Open Whatsapp folder.
  • Select and copy the Database folder and paste it in your PC or Laptop.
  • Remove the old device.
  • Connect the new device to the Laptop or computer.
  • Select the storage device having Whatsapp folder.
  • Open Whatsapp folder.
  • Copy the database folder from your PC or Laptop and paste in the Whatsapp folder.
  • Unplug the New device.

Here you are done; enjoy your conversation of old device on the new device.

  1. Change Whatsapp SIM number:

If you want to replace the SIM number of your Whatsapp account then you don’t need to uninstall and reinstall the Whatsapp application. Here is a trick through which you can easily change the SIM number in Whatsapp without uninstalling it. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Open Whatsapp.
  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Account
  • Tap on Change Number
  • Enter the old and new SIM number.
  • Tap on Done.

Here you go; the old SIM number is replaced by the new SIM number with the previous settings.

  1. Hide SIM number in Whatsapp Group Conversation:

In Whatsapp people love to create group and enjoy chatting all together, but the problem comes when there are unknown people in the group and you want to hide your SIM number from them. Are you thinking that it is possible to hide SIM number in Whatsapp group? The answer is “Yes”, you can hide your SIM number in Whatsapp group by following the below trick.

  • Install Spoof Text message in your Android device.
  • Uninstall Whatsapp from your Android device and reinstall it.
  • Put your cell phone on the flight mode or change the SIM message center number before the verification of your Whatsapp SIM number.
  • Choose the option of verification “verify through SMS”.
  • Instead of inserting your SIM number, insert your email address and tap the send button.
  • Without wasting any time press the cancel button in the very next second to cancel terminate the authorization process.
  • Spoof that message.
  • Go to outbox and copy the details of spoof message from the Spoof App.
  • Send the spoofed message to the spoofed verification.

Now you need to use the following details to send the spoofed message for verification:

To: +447900347295

From: +(Country code)(mobile number)

Message: Enter you email id

A message will be sent to the above mentioned number. This spoofed number will be saved in the Whatsapp directory and that number will be visible to the other people in the group instead of original SIM number.

Above are the best tips and tricks for Whatsapp for both Android and iOS operating system, some are applicable on BlackBerry and Windows phone too. Enjoy the tips and do share your love about the Whatsapp tips and tricks in the comment box below. If you need assistance of any technical tips do let us know.